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Scenario 4: "Hiring Freeze"

Previously on "Vikings"...

We found work for the chief's cousins -- all of them. As expected, this basically ruined efficiency around town. The Metalsmith thought the job involved music for some reason. The Oil Seller claimed he could get oil from snakes. The Loot Hunter? He had a nasty habit of "hunting" loot from other Vikings.

With this mess and the bureaucracy involved, most places have stopped hiring. Only a few unusual jobs are still open, and who wants to fill those? On the bright side, crops are recovering, so at least we won't starve.


For this scenario, dice rolls are random, weapon decks are random, and mountain tiles are random.
A starting occupation and 4 dark brown occupations have been selected for everyone.

1. Set up the solo long game as normal. Any rules from the last scenario are reset.
2. Take the starting occupation shown below.
3. You cannot use 3-viking actions. Place 16 vikings of unused colors (8 of each color) to block them for the entire game. 4. If you are doing the blind challenge, click "Reveal Next Card" whenever you need to draw an occupation card.
5. Otherwise, click "Reveal All". The top of the list is the top of your deck.

Starting Occupation(s):

If more than one are shown, choose one.

Card Points Description Type
Robber (138 c) 1 Each time you take a "Raiding" or "Pillaging" action (on an action space or via an occupation), you can take a green tile instead of a blue one. The sword value of the green tile is equal to the sword value of its blue back minus 1. (For instance, green clothing would have a sword value of 14, because the blue silver hoard on the other side of the tile has a sword value of 15.) Each Time

Occupation Deck:

The top of the list is the top of your deck.

If you wish to do the optional blind challenge for your first game, click "Reveal Next Card" each time you need to draw.
If you have finished the blind challenge or want to skip it, click "Reveal All" below the table.

Card Points Description Type
Maid (177 B) 0 Each time a stone or long house produces exactly 1 bonus good (during the Bonus phase or via an occupation), you can exchange the bonus good for 1 silverware. (This effect applies to each of your houses individually and does not apply to houses yielding more or less than 1 bonus good.) Each Time
Artist (111 C) 1 Each time you use a "Crafting" action space to exchange building resources (wood, stone, ore), you receive 1 silver for each type of building resource you exchange. (The number of building resources does not count, only the number of different types of building resources.) Each Time
Digger (128 A) 2 Each time you take a "Laying a Snare" action (on an action space or via an occupation), if you succeed, you receive a "Take 1 Building Resource from a Mountain Strip" action. (As usual, the "2 silver" are considered a single item.) Each Time
Drunkard (134 A) 0 Each time you take a "Raiding" action (on an action space or via an occupation), if you fail (including on purpose), you also receive a consolatory 1 mead. (This does only apply to raiding, but not pillaging.) Each Time

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