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Scenario 2: "Not So Crafty After All"

Previously on "Vikings"...

Things had gone so well when that apprentice craftsman taught us his ways. We crafted stone, we crafted clothes, and we crafted oddly shaped metal things. Why do people want such strange shapes? Who knows, but the money was good. People were living the good life, and that weird peacemaker guy had no trouble convincing everyone to hang up their weapons and settle down.

But, like Icarus, we crafted too close to the sun, and our tools melted. Like the dwarves, we crafted too greedily and too deep, and awoke the shadow of a nameless fear, who broke our tools. With our economy shot and no fancy clothes and jewelry to complement his ego, even the peacemaker abandoned us. Should we take up arms again and follow the old ways? Or, should we work the land for an honest, if boring, living? Only time will tell.


For this scenario, dice rolls are random, weapon decks are random, and mountain tiles are random.
A starting occupation and 10 normal occupations have been selected for everyone from deck B.

1. Set up the solo long game as normal.
2. Take the starting occupation shown below.
3. You cannot use the 7 crafting actions. Place vikings of an unused color to block them for the entire game.
4. If you are doing the blind challenge, click "Reveal Next Card" whenever you need to draw an occupation card.
5. Otherwise, click "Reveal All". The top of the list is the top of your deck.

Starting Occupation(s):

If more than one are shown, choose one.

Card Points Description Type
Farm Shop Owner (53 b) 1 At any time and any number of times, you can pay 1 silver to turn an orange good in your supply to its red side. This is considered a "^1 Good" action. Anytime

Occupation Deck:

The top of the list is the top of your deck.

If you wish to do the optional blind challenge for your first game, click "Reveal Next Card" each time you need to draw.
If you have finished the blind challenge or want to skip it, click "Reveal All" below the table.

Card Points Description Type
Laborer (124 B) 1 Each time you use an action space that gives you exactly 2 silver (no more, no less), you can pay these 2 silver immediately to receive 1 grain and 2 wood (from the general supply). Each Time
Whale Catcher (142 B) 3 Immediately after each time you take a "Whaling" action (on an action space or via an occupation), if you used exactly 1 spear and succeeded, you receive the spear back. (If you used 2 or more spears or failed, you receive no spears back.) Each Time
Lance Bearer (133 B) 1 Each time you take a "Raiding" action (on an action space or via an occupation), if you succeed, you also receive either 1 silver or 1 peas. (This does not apply to pillaging.) Each Time
Stone Crusher (156 B) 2 In the Actions phase (phase 5) of each round, if you receive at least 1 stone from a Viking action, you also receive 1 silver. You can only use this effect once per action. (This effect does not apply to the Bonus phase.) Each Time
Boat Builder (178 B) 0 After you play this card, as soon as you have 4 large ships (knarrs and longships), you receive 2 whaling boats without paying wood or silver (only once via this card). (You only receive whaling boats for which you have room. The amount of ore in the longships does not matter.) As Soon As
Master Joiner (40 B) 3 At any time and any number of times, you can place wood on empty spaces of your stone and long houses as you would silver. Anytime
Meat Trader (25 B) 1 When you play this card, you immediately (and only once via this card) receive 1 salt meat for each knarr you have. Immediate
Longship Builder (82 B) 1 When you play this card, you can immediately (and only once via this card) buy a longship. The cost depends on the number of knarrs you have: if you have 1/2/3 knarrs, the longship only costs you 6/3/1 silver instead of 8, respectively. (In other words, you receive a discount of 2/5/7 silver.) Immediate
Stonecarver (6 B) 1 With each stone you take from a mountain strip (into your supply), you also receive 1 silver. Each Time
Fur Merchant (102 B) 2 Each time you would receive a "^1 Good" action on an action space (not via an occupation), you can exchange 1 game meat or 1 silk for 1 fur instead. (This does not apply to "^2/3/4 Goods" actions.) Each Time

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