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Scenario 11: "The Way Of The Sheep"

Previously on "Vikings"...

Forms were filled out, loopholes were used, and tax season ended. The chief was in a rare good mood and roared at everyone. "Make as much money as you want now! Make ALL the money!"

Out walked the chief. In walked the chief's father, Grandpa Viking. Surprise! He had decided the weather was perfect to spend a week or two in our little village, and did he ever have stories to tell! We braced ourselves, because Grandpa Viking always wanted to share how he sailed barefoot uphill to school, and how it snowed heavily the whole time, and how he had to fight off the bears with nothing but two sticks and some flax.

This time was different, however. This time he had a new story. "Back in the day," he grumbled, "we worked our fingers to the bone. Vikings these days scoff at Faroe Island. They think sheep are worthless, and imagine Iceland is the best thing ever. Can you believe I made my fortune from sheep farming?" We couldn't believe it, and so we learned the ancient Way Of The Sheep.

===== IMPORTANT: This scenario modifies the normal game rules. Read carefully. =====


For this scenario, dice rolls are random, weapon decks are random, and mountain tiles are random.
A starting occupation has been selected. Dark brown occupations do not matter because of rule 4 below.

1. Set up the solo long game as normal. Any rules from the last scenario are reset.
2. Take the starting occupation shown below.
3. You MUST explore the old Faroe Island (ignore the new Faroe / Baffin tile for this scenario). You MAY explore other islands if you wish. You can find a PDF with the old island here: You may wish to print grayscale to save color ink. This PDF should work for 8.5" x 11" U.S. paper, and European players should try A4 paper. Please let me know if you try A4 paper and the size is off too much to play, since I will need to make an adjusted version.
4. All dark brown occupation cards give 3 victory points at the end of the game and have NO OTHER EFFECT. This is to simulate the playtesting environment as different strategies were compared. You can thus draw and play any random dark brown occupations you want, as long as you remember to ignore their effects and score each played card as 3 points when the game is over.
5. The starting occupation scores 0 points and provides a 1-time only benefit as normal when played.

Starting Occupation(s):

If more than one are shown, choose one.

Card Points Description Type
Shepherd (34 a) 0 When you play this card, if you have at least 2 sheep, you immediately (and only once via this card) receive 1 milk and 1 wool. If you have at least 4 sheep, you receive 1 additional wool. (It does not matter whether or not the sheep are pregnant.) Immediate

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