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Scenario 1: "Back to Basics"


Let's start with a basic warmup. For this scenario, dice rolls are random, weapon decks are random, and mountain tiles are random.
A starting occupation and 10 normal occupations have been selected for everyone from deck A.

1. Draw your starting bow, spear, snare, and mead.
2. Shuffle your weapon deck.
3. Take the starting occupation shown below.
4. If you are doing the blind challenge, click "Reveal Next Card" whenever you need to draw an occupation card.
5. Otherwise, click "Reveal All". The top of the list is the top of your deck.

Starting Occupation(s):

If more than one are shown, choose one.

Card Points Description Type
Apprentice Craftsman (113 a) 0 Immediately before each time you use a "Crafting" action space, you can take a "Take 1 Building Resource from a Mountain Strip" action. (As usual, the "2 silver" are considered a single item.) Each Time

Occupation Deck:

The top of the list is the top of your deck.

If you wish to do the optional blind challenge for your first game, click "Reveal Next Card" each time you need to draw.
If you have finished the blind challenge or want to skip it, click "Reveal All" below the table.

Card Points Description Type
Peacemaker (38 A) 2 In the New Weapon phase (phase 4) of each round, instead of drawing a weapon card, you can take either 1 wood, 1 stone, or 1 ore from the general supply. Each Time
Spice Merchant (94 A) 2 Once per Harvest phase (phase 2) of each round with no harvest, you can exchange exactly 2 oil in your supply for 1 spices. Each Time
Cowherd (74 A) 1 When you play this card, you can immediately (and only once via this card) pay exactly 2 silver and 1 grain from your supply to receive 1 non-pregnant cattle in your cattle stable. Immediate
Tutor (99 A) 2 Each time you would receive an occupation card into your hand, you can play an occupation card from your hand instead. (If you would receive multiple occupations at once, decide for each occupation individually whether you want to receive it or play one instead.) Each Time
Priest (149 A) 1 Immediately before each time you use either "Overseas Trading" action space, you receive 1 oil. (By the way, you can use an "Overseas Trading" action space and pay 1 silver, even if you do not turn a single green craft product to the other side.) Each Time
Peddler (1 A) 0 Each time you use a "Livestock Market" action space, you receive a discount of 1 silver on the total cost of the goods. (For instance, cattle plus milk cost you 2 instead of 3 silver.) You do not receive the discount on goods that are already free of cost. Each Time
Miner (22 A) 1 When you play this card, you immediately (and only once via this card) receive 1 stone, 1 ore, and 1 silver for each longship you have. (The amount of ore on the longships does not matter.) Immediate
Milker (10 A) 1 When you play this card, if you have at least 1 sheep or cattle, you immediately (and only once via this card) receive 1 milk and 1 silver. If you have both, you receive 2 milk and 2 silver instead. Immediate
Helmsman (12A) 0 When you play this card, you immediately (and only once via this card) receive 1 chest. Immediately after each time you take an action in which you use a longship, you can draw 1 weapon card from the face-down draw pile and place the weapon card face up in front of you. (It does not matter whether you use the longship for raiding, pillaging, plundering, exploring, or emigrating. The amount of ore on the longship does not matter either. Even if you use more than one longship during that action, e.g., because another card allows you to do that, you still only receive 1 weapon card.) Immediate
Orient Shipper (17 A) 0 When you play this card, you can immediately (and only once via this card) take a "^^^ 1 Good" action, i.e., you can exchange an orange (or red or green) goods tile for a blue one of the same dimensions. (For instance, you could exchange 1 fruits for 1 treasure chest in three steps, or 1 cattle for 1 silver hoard in just 2 steps.) Immediate

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